Since 2009 RGCD have been involved in the release of several indie and retro format games, either in the capacity of developers ourselves or working with others to provide a release or publishing label for their project. Games developed in-house or specifically for RGCD have been listed with an appropriate postfix. For others, such as C64anabalt, we acted as a publisher and have hosted game pages on this site on the developer's behalf.

Click on the page links below for more information on some of our game projects released to date. The majority of releases here are also available to buy from our online store.

MAH (C64)
Planet Golf (C64)
Yoomp! 64 (C64)

LuftrauserZ (C64)

C-2048 (C64)
Jam It (C64)
Moonspire (C64)
Pan-Dimensional Conga Combat (RGCD) (PC)
Tiger Claw (C64)

Gravitrix (C64)
P0 Snake (C64)
Rocket Smash EX (RGCD) (C64)
Trance Sector Ultimate (C64)

Darkness (C64)
Phase Out (C64)
Micro Hexagon (C64)
Powerglove (C64/PC/Linux/Mac)
r0x (Extended Play) (RGCD) (Amazon Fire TV/Ouya/PC)

Assembloids (RGCD) (C64)
Berzerk Redux (RGCD) (C64)
Bomberland (C64)
Elansar (Atari Jaguar)
Full Circle: Rocketeer (Atari Jaguar CD)
Guns 'N' Ghosts (RGCD) (C64)
Heavy Recoil - Convoy Chaser (Ouya)
Huenison (RGCD) (PC/AmigaOS 4)
Jagware Collection 1.0 (Atari Jaguar CD)
Sheepoid DX/Woolly Jumper (C64)
Sir Ababol/Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle (C64)
Spike/MineStorm (C64)
Super Bread Box (C64)
The Vice Squad (RGCD) (C64)

Endless Forms Most Beautiful (RGCD) (PC)
Fortress of Narzod (C64)
Get 'Em DX (RGCD) (C64)
Greenrunner/Redrunner/Retroskoi+ (C64)
Jars' Revenge (C64)
Kobayashi Maru: Final (Atari Jaguar CD)
Mollusk Redux (C64)
Quod Init Exit (C64)
Space Lords (Centaurus) (C64)
UWOL: Quest For Money (C64)

C64anabalt (C64)
Not Even Human - Inhumane Edition (RGCD) (C64)

Robotz DX (RGCD) (PC)

r0x (RGCD) (Atari STE)