The RGCD Shop has moved to

This new online shop is the only place to purchase games from our catalogue of independently published titles, and features both a proper shopping cart system and automatic calculation of combined shipping costs. We've also added the new 'deluxe' plastic packaging option across the entire range of Commodore 64 cartridges - click on the link above or image below to check it out!

The following information is also included in the information section of the new shop, but I've added it here as well because it covers a lot of the questions we are regularly asked.

About RGCD Publishing

Since 2012, RGCD has been acting as a proper retro game publishing business instead of merely a small hobby label. That's not to say that we're raking in huge profits, but rather that like our good friends over at Psytronik we now have a solid business model and provide our clients with a full breakdown of sales information and royalty payments on a monthly basis.

The way we operate is simple. Every game we publish has a unit cost (based on the price we pay for physical materials, packaging and so on). We then negotiate a sale price with our client and calculate shipping costs and Paypal fees. In simple terms, the difference between the unit cost and sale price (minus exact shipping and fees) is recorded as profit - and this is equally divided between everyone involved in the release of the game (normally RGCD, the artist, the coder and the musician). Of course, the developer retains all rights to their product - we just act as a means through which to help manufacture, promote and sell the game (in addition to providing thorough play-testing and customer support).

Being retro enthusiasts ourselves, we appreciate that there's not a huge market out there who are interested in buying new games for old systems. If money was the driving force then we'd be working with newer gaming platforms. Similarly, the majority of our regular customers only have a finite amount of money that they are willing to spend on vintage hardware and many prefer to 'try before they buy', so whenever possible we like to offer the game for free download in addition to selling physical copies - but ultimately this decision is up to the developer.

Interested in working with us to release your game? Please get in touch with us via our contact page.

Methods of Payment

Please note that although the RGCD Shop uses PayPal for online payment, you can complete a transaction without having an account (choose the 'Pay with a debit or credit card' option at the PayPal checkout).

Alternatively, if you'd like to make a purchase but would prefer to pay via a different method then please feel free to drop us a line through our contact form.

Shipping Prices & Insurance

Each game we send out is wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged in a reinforced corrugated cardboard box. We normally manage to ship our games within 3-4 working days, but as many of these items are assembled by hand in our spare time, it may take up to two weeks before they are mailed out to you. You will be notified by email if there are likely to be any delays, and after placing an order we'll be in touch to confirm your postal address within 48 hours.

Within the UK, Royal Mail Signed For Parcels (2nd Class) is used for shipping, which comes with compensation of up to £50 based on cost price (two games).

Standard Airmail is used outside the UK, and by default this is insured for a value of up to £20 based on cost price (one game).

Default prices used in this store are:

UK & Europe: £4 for one item / £1.50 for each additional item.
Rest of World: £5 for one item / £2 for each additional item.

For additional security, insurance of up to £500 compensation can be purchased (see the Shipping Insurance product category). Royal Mail Special Delivery is used within the UK, and International Signed For is offered for the rest of the world.


Customer service is important to us at RGCD, and we want you to be happy with your purchase. However, we also appreciate that there is a small chance that your order might not arrive in perfect condition.

You are welcome to return any item for any reason to us for a full refund within 28 days of receipt. Simply return it to us with a covering note and we'll issue the refund upon receipt.

If you have a faulty cartridge we will usually send a replacement PCB (with return packaging), all you need to do is open the cartridge case by unscrewing the fixing screw and swap the faulty PCB for the new one. Please use the return packaging and send us the faulty PCB so we can investigate the cause of the fault.