Friday 27 January 2012

New Cartridge Packaging

Don't panic - we haven't gone and changed the packaging we use for our C64 cartridges again. In fact, this short post is just to let you know that we've finally got around to converting over the boxes of our C64 cartridge back-catalogue to the newer format used for the past three games (Blok Copy, Fortress of Narzod and C64anabalt).

Compare these two photos; the first being the mish-mash of old boxes, with the newer, uniform sized ones below. I know which I prefer on my shelf...

...and that's the point of this post. Those of you who've followed and supported RGCD's cartridge project since the start probably have an equally varied collection of boxes - and if like me you'd prefer a bit of standardisation now that we've settled on a readily available type of packaging that works (and doesn't need to be hand spray painted or imported from Austrailia as dead warehouse stock), you may be pleased to hear that you can purchase new replacement boxes for our older games at the low cost of £1 each.

To make an enquiry, drop us a line via the contact page stating what boxes you are after (and your location) and we'll reply as soon as possible with a quote including postage and details of how to pay. Replacement boxes requested together with a cartridge purchase will not incur an additional postage cost.


  1. This is a very cool idea. I liked the old boxes as well but from a collector's point of view it would be so much nicer to have identical sizes. I'll order a few "new old boxes" with the upcoming game release (Fairy Well maybe?). Thanks for all your work, James!

  2. Great idea. The older boxes are Ok but now the collection will be more beautiful this way ;-)

    1. Didn't realise that Invasive Action released in the large clamshell, my copy is in the large black box like Block Frenzy and Edge Grinder. Definitely nice to see them all in similar boxes though.