Thursday 19 September 2013

Asgard Met Vikings (Amiga)

Is there anyone out there doesn't like beer and Vikings? Commodore Amiga owners are in for a booze-fuelled Nordic treat because Paradise/'s Asgard Met Vikings features beer in abundance and some Vikings thrown in for good measure!

Developed for the Evoke 13 demoparty, Asgard Met Vikings is an arcade style game where you (optionally joined by a friend) must catch falling bottles of mead that Odin is generously dropping from the sky whilst avoiding and/or battering the endless hordes of Goblins trying to nab your booze. Should any green skinned thieves get too close and you'll get hit and start to flash - and by that I mean actually visibly flash, not disrobe and display your Viking family jewels.

This flashing (not streaking) prevents you from catching the God-given beverages and should you miss any you'll add a broken bottle to your tally, with ten smashed bottles ending the game. If this wasn't enough you have to periodically deposit the beers you've caught into barrels at the sides of the screen. The game seems initially dull but soon picks up the pace, with you frantically dodging Goblins, catching beer and depositing it in your barrel in an attempt to reach that top position on the score table.

It's a great looking game with detailed, well-animated sprites and graphics that are full of character and of commercial-era quality. There is only one single play area in the game, but when the action heats up you really won't have time to take in the view anyway. The Goblins are the highlight for me as they have buckets of charm and are great fun to dispatch.

I am a massive fan of simple concept arcade games and Asgard Met Vikings plays really well. I also had the opportunity to play the multiplayer aspect of the game which was a wonderfully addictive experience, a friend and I played the game pretty much for the whole evening, the moment we realised that we could hit each other we were hooked!

Is there anything I would change? Not really - it's a great example of an arcade game done right. That's not to say I wouldn't like to see additions to the game, if Paradise/ should bless us with a sequel or update then I certainly wouldn't mind a few more levels to play on or perhaps a little variety in enemy types.

If you have the necessary equipment (or emulator) to play this game then I suggest you do exactly that, by Odin's beard it's good!

Download the game here (from the official website).
Play the game using the Universal Amiga Emulator, available here (freeware).
3.5 out of 5

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