Friday 13 September 2013

RGCD News Update

It's been a while since I posted one of these general RGCD news updates, and to be honest so much has been going on here that it is hard to know where to start! There are new C64 game projects to be announced, recent developments and updates on the Android based Ouya micro-console, an RGCD Steam Greenlight channel - the list just goes on and on. We've also brought on board a few new writers lately who've been keeping the game reviews rolling over whilst I've been frantically trying to keep up to date with other projects, so you've them to thank for the fact there isn't virtual tumbleweed rolling by on the front page of this website.

Ok, so join me in grabbing a coffee/tea/beer and let's have a catch-up...


The first piece of big news is that the long-awaited Bomberland (aka Bomberman 64) by Skull and Conrad of Polish-based Samar Productions is finally complete and pending release! In development for over a decade, with a 36-level single player campaign and a customisable 2-5 player battle tournament mode (supporting the Protovision four-player adapter and keyboard), Bomberland is the ultimate Bomberman style experience on the Commodore 64.

In addition to the above, features include full PAL/NTSC/GS compatibility, C128 enhancements, password-based game saves, two-button joystick support (Cheetah Annihilator), boss battles and some really exciting Easter eggs that we'll be announcing post-release. All this awesomeness comes at a price though; Bomberland runs from cartridge only due to using the extra memory that the cartridge ROM provides.

Bomberland will be available to buy from RGCD on (or soon after) the 1st of October as both a cartridge and a downloadable ROM for use with emulators and the Ultimate 1541-II/Chameleon.

RGCD at GameCity 2013

Followers of our Facebook page might recall that I gave an impromptu presentation on behalf of RGCD regarding the current day 8-Bit game development and demo scene at GameCity nights when they visited my home town of Exeter back in Spring 2013. Well, the big news here is that I'll be representing RGCD again and giving another retro-indie crossover talk and showcase during the week-long GameCity digital arts festival at some point between the 21st and 23rd of October.

In addition to this, Paul Koller and I are hoping to use the festival to launch another long-anticipated release; the final, full-version of the Vlambeer-approved Super Bread Box. As it's an official Commodore 64 port, we're hoping to hook up with Vlambeer's Rami Ismail at the festival, but have yet to hear from him to see if the dates work out.

Super Bread Box will be the first RGCD game to feature it's own dedicated website and is (AFAIK) the only released Commodore 64 game to feature full user-profile based online scoreboards. It's been a mammoth undertaking (and is still being finalised) but we are confident that the system will be up and running and sufficiently bullet proof in time for launch.

Heavy Recoil Update & Ouya Development

Since launching the game on Ouya last month, Mikael has been busy adding new content to Heavy Recoil in response to player feedback. Already there's a two player co-operative mode, extra playable character and score rush level exclusive to the micro console, and he plans to potentially take the game even further in the future following advice from our mutual friend (and fellow Ouya developer) Locomalito. Those with the necessary hardware should check it out on the Ouya Discover store now (if they haven’t already). The game has also been added to Steam Greenlight (currently 22% of the way to the top 100), but we'll discuss that more in a bit.

In other news, RGCD recently sent Retro Remakes hero Rob Fearon an Ouya console in the hope of him converting over some of his most excellent experiments in the field of neon-soaked abstract-arena shmup goodness. What does this translate to, exactly? Well, courtesy of Rob and RGCD you'll soon be able to play his acclaimed DRM (Death Ray Manta) on the little silver box. That is of course, as long as Ouya don't scare him off by continuing to royally fuck things up with their atrocious PR and marketing tactics.

Finally, some of you may have noticed a new multiplayer game called Verminian Trap by Locomalito and Gryzor87 pop up on the platform a few days back, hot on the heels of Gaurodan and Endless Forms Most Beautiful. The big news following this release is that Locomalito plans to port over Maldita Castilla to the Ouya next, before finally taking a break after what has been an incredibly productive year for the duo.

RGCD on Steam Greenlight?

That's right! We recently decided to splash out and open up an account to help some of our favourite indies to freely promote their wares on the Steam Greenlight platform. To date we've assisted Retream's Huenison, Retromite's Robot Riot and Wide Pixel Games' Heavy Recoil, all of which now have pages awaiting your 'Yes' votes.

We are already in discussions with a few other developers, but if you'd like us to help represent you on Steam then just drop us a line - for shared access to a page all you need is an active account and our approval - there are no strings attached, although if your game does make it through the Greenlight process an RGCD logo or url somewhere in the game or credits would be appreciated!

MOAR Games On The Way!

In addition to the aforementioned releases for October, there are tons of other RGCD games in the pipeline. Smila, Achim and Linus are all but finished with Vice Squad (our forthcoming Spyhunter-style collaborative Psytronik C64 shmup), then there's the full version of Rocket Smash that is also nearing completion too. The limited release of TND's Trance Sector Ultimate is awaiting box artwork from our friend Akira of Kiken Corporation, and the guys at Reboot are busy with several different Atari Jaguar projects (some of which will most likely end up with a cartridge release). And talking of Jaguar carts, I've recently received confirmation from Orion that there will be another run of Elansar cartridges in the near future. So, with all that *and* the upcoming C64 Cartridge Compo deadline at the end of November, it's going to be a very busy build up to the holiday season!

Well, that about wraps up this update. I'd better crack on with making some of this stuff actually happen(!)


  1. It'll take more than Ouya's atrocious practices to scare me off.

  2. Have to admit I'm getting worried for the future of the OUYA as they've now managed to piss off all their Kickstarter backers, and now the indie devs as well. Larger companies must be watching and taking note.

    If I'd invested some of that $15 million seed money I'd be getting increasingly nervous about the likelihood of ever seeing a return on it...

  3. Great news !!!!!!
    Waiting for Bomberland 64 and Super Bread Box.

  4. very cool productions on the way. shut up and take my money ;)