Sunday 20 October 2013

RGCD at GameCity / Super Bread Box Release Date!

Well, those were a busy past couple of weeks! Huge thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of Bomberland (either as a cartridge or download) - I've almost shipped all of the current batch now, and Skull and Conrad have been really happy with the feedback from players. As a little gift back to you, check your email inbox this morning for a couple of secret passwords that add a LOT to the game. ;)

Between packing and posting Bomberland to destinations all over the world, you might have noticed that we've also launched the website for Super Bread Box and added 'coming soon' placeholders to our shop. We'll be releasing the game to the wild on the 22nd of October at the GameCity festival in Nottingham, giving away 50 Vlambeer 'white label' CD-R copies and Super Bread Box posters for free as well as running a high score competition during the two days we're in the Open Arcade. If you are in the area on Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll also be revealing Paul Koller's secret new project (and entry for the RGCD C64 Game Development Competition) and will have a variety of other WIP games and previous Commodore 64 releases available to play at our stand (including Bomberland, The Vice Squad, C64anabalt, Get Em DX, Rocket Smash, Assembloids and many more). We should be easy enough to find - just look out for the massive RGCD banner.

Ok, back to packing computers in boxes. Hope to see some of you there!


  1. This game is amazing. I've tryed the winner 16ks version but this is even GREATER !!!!!!!!
    A must buy.;D

  2. I bought the digital download to put on to my 1541U2 cartridge so I could play on my C64. And what a right choice I made. This game's really challenging and very addictive. Difficulty is pretty high, and I was just hooked to it for longer than an hour or so last night. I like the graphics, the in game effects, and the stunning music - Especially the cave level in which part of the tune sounds a bit familiar and well improvised. Overall, I would highly recommend you buy the game. One look - and you're hooked :)

  3. Super Bread Box is pure pick up, play and enjoy. I have played all kinds of games from owning a vic-20 , to amiga scene to latest FPS games. Nutshell - this game is really worth the low price for digital download. Sound is chiptune wonderfulness. Collision detection is spot on. Gameplay honed to 'just right'.

  4. Simply stunning game. Purchased and played to death already :)

  5. This is awesome but I'd love to see it on 8bit Atari as well. ;)