Sunday 20 April 2014

RGCD Easter Eggs: Hidden Games, Screens and Glitches

Happy Easter! Today not only have we announced the launch of a new game, but we're also giving away the secrets to activating the many Easter Eggs we've hidden on our cartridges. Here at RGCD we love hiding stuff in the last few remaining bytes of ROM space at the end of a game release, so expect more of these to come in the future. Previously only known by a select few and never officially published before, here is a full list of them all!

Blok Copy PETSCII Mode

Did you know that Cosine's Blok Copy has a secret PETSCII mode? To activate it, hold down the C= key and press FIRE to start a new game. It's nothing special really, but I've personally always found it easier to play in 'PET' mode than with the traditional multi-colour graphics.

Venus Express on the Greenrunner/Redrunner/Retroskoi+ Cartridge

To activate this neat little thrust game hidden on the Greenrunner/Redrunner/Retroskoi+ cartridge, hold DOWN and LEFT on the joystick and press FIRE from the game select menu. You'll hear an audio cue, and the game will start. Note that unlike the rest of the programs included on this cartridge, Venus Express is not NTSC compatible.

Happy Blocks on the Sub Hunter Cartridge

Try holding down the C= key whilst hitting your joystick FIRE button on the Sub Hunter cartridge menu to load up a secret copy of Richard Bayliss' tape loader game 'Happy Blocks'.

Wonderland on the Guns 'n' Ghosts Cartridge

To start this ace little adventure game, simply insert the Guns 'n' Ghosts cartridge, hold down FIRE on the joystick and turn on the C64. Wonderland will boot up instead of the main game! This is probably one of our most popular Easter Eggs so far.

Secret Game Modes Hidden in Bomberland

Fancy playing the main Bomberland campaign with two players? Or how about turning on AI players in deathmatch? Well, with these two codes YOU CAN! :)

Enter the password COOPERATIVE and start a new game and you'll have the option to play with two players working together. Or if teamwork isn't your thing and you'd like to hone you deathmatch skills, enter CPUPLAYER and start a new deathmatch game. On the player select screen, press C to activate an AI player!

Hidden Screen and Secret 'Glitch Mode' in Super Bread Box

To activate the hidden 'credits' screen in Super Bread Box, hold DOWN and FIRE on the 'RESET GAME' menu option for three seconds. You'll be rewarded by a video of Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman dancing to the title tune whilst a scroller rolls past.

There's also a fun little (accidental) bug that can be activated by holding LEFT or RIGHT on the joystick when you press FIRE to select 'TUTORIAL' from the main menu. The main game will start instead of the tutorial, complete with some serious glitches such as destructible walls, permanent bullets and enemies that warp into the game from random points on the screen. It's totally insane - and totally impossible to play!

The Space Limits II on The Vice Squad Cartridge

You know what an hi-octane shmup like The Vice Squad needs? Even MORE shmup action - which is why we hid a copy of The Space Limits II on the cartridge! When the game came out, even the coder didn't know about this secret last-minute addition, so it was a surprise for him too :)

To activate the game, Turn on the C64 with the C= key held down. The Space Limits II will load instead of the main game.

And that's all of them... for now.

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