Saturday 25 July 2015

2014 C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition Results

Ok, so today I figured it was about time to (finally) announce the next RGCD C64 Cartridge Game Dev Compo ... but then it dawned upon me - I still hadn't actually announced the final results from last year! Well, that's actually not entirely true, as the results were published over at CSDB, but somehow I had completely failed to update the compo page on this blog. Apologies to all involved!

Anyway, there's a story behind this. Earlier this year enthusi and I thought it would be fun to try something different with announcing the results, so we worked away in secret for a few weeks and used his excellent 'Above & Beyond' single-file diskmag format so that the entrants could view the judge's feedback on their own Commodore 64 (and 17 games judged by 12 people resulted in a LOT of text - over 18,000 words in fact).

I did initially intend to publish that text here as well, but let's face it - NO ONE is going to read an 18,000 word blog post! So instead, I've posted the final scores below (together with the original foreword) and packaged up the C64 results-mag disk with a copy of the VICE emulator (win32) so you can view and read it as was originally intended.

Download the results disk (including VICE emulator) here.
Download all the games in a single archive here.

"Well, that wasn't easy. In fact, I'd say that the process of fairly judging this year's competition entries was actually harder than any of the previous rounds. But as always, someone ultimately has to take the prize, and someone has to walk away knowing that their game was liked the least by the panel.

After months of hard work it must really suck to see a game that you put your heart and soul into fail to make a positive impression, but it's important to note that this doesn't mean that the game is terrible - it's just a measure of how it has compared against the other entries. The reason why judging was so difficult this year was actually due to the overall quality of the submissions being so high, so please don't feel bad if your project has ended up in the lower half (or bottom) of the score board! We enjoyed playing all of the games and really appreciate your contribution to the scene, so keep up the good work! :)

With 12 judges and 17 games, the sheer volume of feedback from our panel has been a little problematic - we'd planned to announce the results using Enthusi's 'Above and Beyond' single-file diskmag format, but no matter what we edited or cut, we still couldn't fit it all in. Similarly, running at over 34 A4 pages in length, listing it all on our blog was going to be a nightmare as well - so in the end we decided to break down the results announcement into three files on this disk; the introduction and results article you are reading now, plus two files with the judge's feedback for each game given in alphabetical order. A lot of work went into presenting this is a readable manner (mostly by Enthusi) so I hope you find the end result worth the wait!

One of the things that I find so exciting about running this competition is that I'm constantly amazed at what can be achieved using that tiny 16KB of ROM, and I have no doubt that future years will continue to surprise and impress. It was also really great to see so many new names in the list of entrants this year, for some of whom their game is their first production on the Commodore 64 (and for many, it's their first for many years). Hopefully we'll see more stuff from you guys in 2015!"


01 - P0 Snake (Antonio Savona) (86.333 Points)
02 - Tiger Claw (Matthias Bock & Saul Cross) (76 Points)
03 - Voivod Attack (Achim Volkers & Mikael Tillander)(74.583 Points)

04 - Pixel City Skater (Luigi Vicari) (72.916 Points)
05 - Penultimate Fantasy (Georg Rottensteiner) (72.583 Points)
06 - Fickle (Malcolm Tyrrell) (66.416 Points)
07 - C-2048 ( (61.833 Points)
08 - Paper Plane (Roy Fielding) (56.833 Points)
09 - Toyz (Jan Schulze) (54.666 Points)
10 - Aviator Arcade (Mark Hindsbo) (42.666 Points)
10 - Tutti Frutti 64 (Spider Jerusalem) (42.666 Points)
11 - Brilliant Maze (Geir Straume & Sean Connolly) (40.166 Points)
12 - Brick Buster (Ronny Nordqvist) (37.166 Points)
13 - Falling (Saul Cross & Andrea Schincaglia) (34.833 Points)
14 - Mini Arcade: Climax (Bamse) (32.75 Points)
15 - Honey Bee RX (Richard Bayliss) (29.75 Points)
16 - Race (Steffen Goerzig) (24.5 Points)

(Scores are out of a total of 102 points.)

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