Sunday 19 July 2015

The Story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels (Tiger Claw Exclusive!)

It's been some time since we collaborated in a Kickstarter (last time being Sam Dyer's hugely successful Commodore 64: A Visual Commpendium), but I'm proud to say we're back again to help with another exciting book project, offering another exclusive game cartridge as a backer reward. But before we talk about that, let's look at the book itself :)

The Story of the Commodore 64 in Pixels is the 5th (well, probably 6th) book written by Fusion Retro Books head man Chris Wilkins, and is planned as a 236 book about the history and legacy of the Commodore 64, featuring a foreword by Jeron Tel, and over 25 memoirs from home computer heroes such as Archer Maclean, Jon Hare, The Oliver Twins, Roger Kean, Oliver Frey, Andrew Hewson, Tony Crowther and many others.

Full details of the Kickstarter can be read by following the link above, but the book is already funded and Chris is steaming towards smashing some of the stretch goals - and we want to help him make this project as successful as possible! So what are we offering?

You may recall a cute little 16KB fighting game from our C64 development competition last year called Tiger Claw. You know, the game that came second place, behind the awesome P0 Snake. Now we always hoped to release the game on cartridge at some point, but first we really wanted to tweak and enhance a few areas of the game - and with Matthias and Saul already with several projects on the go, Tiger Claw MK2 kept on getting pushed back. However, when Chris contacted me enquiring about a game cartridge as a backer reward, I rallied the team together and Tiger Claw is now back in the RGCD workshop, receiving the following:

  • A larger, revised game map with several more screens/rooms (offering a fresh challenge).
  • Revised controls and physics with more friction.
  • Selectable difficulty.
  • Loading screen and additional music missing from the 16KB version.
  • A hidden additional game on the 64KB cartridge! :)

All of this is in addition to the original game's rooms, items, enemies, bossfights and full PAL/NTSC support (same gamespeed and musicspeed in PAL and NTSC)!

There's not much to share just yet, but we're on target to have the game ready to ship in two months time, packed in one of our DX cases complete with a double sided A3 poster/map, stickers and manual. Each copy will have a numbered sticker on the inside of the case insert with your name printed on, and the cartridges are exclusive to the Kickstarter - you won't be able to buy them from our online store!

To get your hands on this super limited release, back the project at the £70 level - or simply choose a lower backer tier and add £40 on to your pledge (that £40 includes worldwide shipping!) ... So what are you waiting for?!

(It's worth noting that fellow RGCD comrade George Rottensteiner and artist Trevor Storey are also contributing a game to the Kickstarter - so check that out too!)

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