Friday 26 May 2017

Jam It & Moonspire Back in Stock!

Just a quick heads up to let you know that both Jam It and Moonspire are now back in stock, with 25 copies of each arriving in the mail yesterday. More information on these two popular modern day Commodore 64 releases can be found here and here.

Talking of Moonspire, I recently received a copy of DuĊĦan's six-level expansion 'The Draxx War' and have been giving it a blast. Although the differences between the original Moonspire and this follow-up are mainly cosmetic, I have to say that it feels pretty much like a full-blown sequel.

We're currently debating whether or not the game warrants a cartridge release, or whether we should stick to our original plan of simply offering the game for download (with Moonspire) for emulators at a very slightly increased price tier. On that note, if a cartridge release of Moonspire: The Draxx War is something you'd like to purchase, you can express your interest to do so here.

As for the original Moonspire and Jam It, grab your copies today from our online store!

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