Wednesday 17 May 2017

Signs of Life

Hi all! James here on the keys. Thank you so much for all your kind messages and emails. The past six months have been a difficult period to get through, but I'm happy to say that positive things are finally happening again here at RGCD HQ:

  • The case inserts for the 2015(!) competition cartridges have been completed by our good friend and collaborator Chris Mantil. I'm digging the faux-retro design! (Photo above.)
  • The case inserts for Paul Koller's now-complete Luftrausers demake have been ordered and are in the process of being printed. Ilija 'iLKke' Melentjevic is wrapping up the final pieces of the package (cart label and double-sided poster) whilst Paul and I collaborate on the manual.
  • Tim Harris of Shareware Plus is building new cartridges to replace some of our long out-of-stock releases.
  • New domed cartridge labels and manuals are being created for Super Bread Box, Bomberland, Powerglove and C64anabalt in preparation for this restock.
  • Dusan Miliojevic is finalising a DLC pack for our recent release Moonspire, tentatively titled 'The Draxx War'. Technically it's a whole new game, but we're not sure whether we'll simply add it as a DLC style download for emulators or offer it on cartridge by request. We're just waiting on Agemixer's new soundtrack before release. More on this one soon.
  • I'm in the process of building new press-kit pages for these games (and moving them from Dropbox to a server due to changes in Dropbox's page hosting rules).

There's other stuff happening in the background with regards to Powerglove and Tiger Claw on the Amiga, but for now we're taking things step by step, with Luftrauserz being the current priority.

Expect photos of stuff as it progresses and arrives both here and on our twitter feed. Competition prizes will (finally) be mailed out next week, with initially one free cart per entry (additional copies can be purchased on request).

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