Friday 26 April 2019

Get 'Em DX Available (Again) on Cartridge!

A couple of months ago, RGCD were fortunate to be involved in a local gaming festival here in our home city of Exeter (GAME>PLAY hosted by Tech Exeter). We had a bunch of our games on rotation through the day, yet surprisingly the most popular one by far was Get 'Em DX, a previously discontinued C64 cartridge game that was developed in house by Georg Rottensteiner, Ilija Melentijevic and Sean Connolly.

Get 'Em DX is a one or two player (co-operative) maze-based arcade game. It's a bit like Pac-Man, but with procedurally generated levels and more shooting. The goal on each level is to eat all the crosses, then grab the key that appears and head for the exit door. However, there's also a motley bunch of nasty characters who'll try their best to kill you, block your path and otherwise hinder your progress. In fact, they'll even run off with the exit key if you don't collect it first!

It's a game that I've always been fond of, so seeing it being enjoyed so much at GAME>PLAY inspired me to give it the re-release it deserved, complete with professionally printed inserts, a new domed label and a beautifully designed manual by Chris Mantil. And fear not - if you already own the game on cartridge you can upgrade your own copy with a new manual and label :) Grab your copy today from our online store!

Get 'Em DX is also available for FREE download as a .crt and .prg image from our page.

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