Friday 26 April 2019

SkillGrid Available! (Amiga Download & Physical Release)

Finally! All the packaging and printed parts have arrived and I'm proud to announce that RGCD and Retream's SkillGrid is available to purchase now for your AGA Amiga as either a physical release or digital download!

SkillGrid is an endless score-attack vertical shoot 'em up for AGA Amigas developed by Retream, featuring frenetic, tactical gameplay and comprising of a variety of different sub-games, boss battles and in-depth scoring mechanics.

Based on an original concept, SkillGrid faces the player against infinite waves of enemies to kill, bonuses and upgrades to collect (cyan cells) and maluses to avoid (yellow cells). Designed for AGA Amigas only, the game features three-layer parallax variable-speed scrolling (2 of which generated procedurally), 8-bit alpha channel transparencies and real-time palette changes, highscore saving, beautifully designed sprites with pixel-perfect collision detection, high quality prog-rock music in the form of lossless-packed 8 bit stereo 28.9 kHz samples and even in-game speech warnings (from the developer himself)!

All of this is crammed into a single load game that runs from floppy, CD or hard disk!

F​or full details on the game, please check out the official website here. Please note that SkillGrid is a PAL game. It will run on NTSC Amiga systems (the machine will switch itself to PAL mode automatically) but you will need a PAL display!

SkillGrid is available in two versions; a basic CD-only version that comes with an auto-booting jewel-cased, glass-mastered CD complete with a professionally printed 16-page manual, a large weather-proof vinyl RGCD sticker, RGCD and Retream postcards and two disk labels (so you can make your own floppies from the images on the CD). The deluxe version comes with all this plus a packet of four beautiful 25mm button badges, an A3 poster (rolled) and the game on two floppy disks - all presented in a plastic clam shell box complete with custom made foam insert.

Please note that SkillGrid is also available to buy here as a downloadable .ADF/.ISO image to use via emulation or on real hardware. Purchases of the physical package come with a download link of the game for free. Grab your copy of the game now from our online store!

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  1. I put up a preview many months ago, might be worth checking out if you want a second opinion before my full review is out.