Wednesday 15 June 2011

RGCD Arcade (Volume Four) (Amiga CD32)

Copyright Phil Ruston, 1995 (F1 Licenseware)
Copyright Dynafield, 1993 (I.C.E.)
Copyright Mindscape, 1993 (Mindscape)
Copyright Vision, 1993 (TWB/Mindscape)
Unofficial Amiga CD32 Compilation By Heavy Stylus
WHDLoad Patch By Keith Krellwitz
I know that it's been years since I uploaded one of these CD32 compilations, but that doesn't mean I've given up!  Here's another four games for your collection on one disc; Aquanaut (recently fixed for the CD32 joypad by Keith Krellwitz), Deep Core (CD32), Lunar-C (CD32) and Overkill (CD32).
Three of the games here are already available on the console; Deep Core, Lunar-C and Overkill didn't have any CD audio tracks so they were obvious choices for the compilation process.  However, Aquanaut is the real shining star here - now patched for use with the CD32 joypad (with the forward and reverse buttons used to cycle through weapons), this little Cybernoid style exploratory shooter is one of my favourites, so it's great to see it finally working properly on the machine.
Overkill is an amazing shoot 'em up; it's basically a clone of Midway's 'Strike Force' from 1991, but as you'd expect with Mark Sibly and Rodney Smith involved the graphics and gameplay are of a superb standard and it certainly outperforms the original.  It's a criminally overlooked game, and one of the CD32's very best shmups.
Deep Core may have received poor reviews back in the day, but I still quite enjoy this slow-paced underwater sci-fi Gods clone, and as Lunar-C is one of the few attempts made on the Amiga to try and copy the Gradius weapon-upgrade system (and was originally bundled with Overkill as a freebie) I thought "what the hell" and included it here too.
I'll try and upload of few more of these discs over the coming weeks.  Full instructions for the included games can be found on disc (in the Docs folder).
RGCD Arcade (Volume Four) Front CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume Four) CD32 Back CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume Four) (Full Game .iso)

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  1. Please make more of these discs!

    I'd love to see a multiplayer bundle, with the likes of Dynablaster, Pang, Pod & Biplanes on it.

    Or how about a strategy one with Hero Quest 1 & 2, Space Crusade and Space Hulk on the disc?

    Maybe a platform pack with Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, Rodland, New Zealand Story and Parasol Stars...?

    So many options - I wish I was clever enough to work out how to make my own! :)

  2. Seconded, all those would be fantastic discs to have, please keep these up, they are much appreciated, thank u for all your hard work!

  3. Checking back again - still interested in more compilations!

    A tutorial on how you created these would get a big thumbs up from me. I understand from previous chats and research that you have to create these compilations (at least in part) actually on an Amiga. I could run an emulator to do this, but not really knowing my way around Workbench I'm not sure I'd know how to do it all.

    If I could get my head around it with the aid of a tutorial I would make all of the collections above and more!