Sunday 12 June 2011

Not Even Human - Inhumane Edition Cartridge Available! (C64)

Finally, the long-awaited physical cartridge version of Onslaught's Not Even Human is available to buy from our online shop page.  Check out the promotional video below - massive kudos to Conrad of Onslaught for providing the genuine 8580 sid soundtrack!


  1. Looks very neat. Do I get access to some kind of emulator files (like with Psytronik-releases) if I buy this? I tend only to pull out my C64 every few years, and I mostly use Vice for playing C64-games these days. I'd definitely try it on the real thing, but the emulator is just so much more handy for everyday use.

  2. Hi there Zeewolf, the emulator version (disk format) on which this cartridge is based is available for free download here:

  3. this is a spacko productions on the legendary commodore64 - keep the spirit alive!