Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Soulless, Get 'Em DX and Space Lords are FREE!

Regular readers may recall my from my previous post that I casually explained away some of the inactivity here due to my PC dying last month. Well one of the direct results of this mishap is that I completely failed to announce that the retail versions of C64 hits Soulless, Space Lords and Get 'Em DX are now all available for free download! (This was originally planned for Christmas 2012, so I guess a belated seasons greetings are in order from RGCD, Psytronik Software and p1x3l.net).

You can grab the games from CSDB using the links above, or Get 'Em DX direct from our own game page and Space Lords via p1x3l.net, and they all come complete with instructions and are available in multiple formats (where possible). If you don't have a real Commodore 64 computer handy to play them on, we recommend the VICE emulator (which has recently been upgraded to version 2.4, don't you know).

Of course, if you want physical copies of the games for your collections (and who wouldn't?) then they are all still available to buy on cartridge from us here, and disk and tape users can buy Get 'Em DX and Soulless from Psytronik Software.

With two new C64 releases about to roll off the assembly line here at RGCD, these should keep you busy for a few days. Stay tuned for more news very soon!