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Sir Ababol / Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle (C64) (2013)

System Requirements

* A Commodore 64/128/GS (PAL/NTSC).
* A joystick/joypad.
* A VDU preferably connected to a loud sound-system.


Download Sir Ababol & Nanako in .crt cartridge format HERE!
Download Sir Ababol & Nanako in .prg program format HERE!

BONUS! Check out the original ZX Spectrum versions HERE!
BONUS! Check out Onslaught's cracked version of Sir Ababol in .d64 disk format HERE!
BONUS! Check out Onslaught's cracked version of Nanako in .d64 disk format HERE!

EMULATOR PACKAGE! Download the game ready-to-run combined with the Windows 32-Bit version of the VICE emulator HERE!


Following on from last year's authorised C64 cartridge release of UWOL: Quest For Money, RGCD is back with a compilation of two more Mojon Twins game conversions coded by Woodmaster - the classic run 'n jump collect 'em up 'Sir Ababol' and mind-bending platform-puzzler 'Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle'.

Sir Ababol

At the end of the 11th Century, a young crusader named Sir Ababol from Manchester City travelled across the ever green prairies of French Britain, climbed the infinite heights of the Pirineos and arrived at the Alcoraz River. There, with astonishment he witnessed St. George from Capadocia, also known as “the dragon guy”, helping the Christians to conquer territories held by the infidels.

Perplexed by the apparition, Sir Ababol stumbled over a rock and onto a big fat ball of spikes, causing him to jump across the air in pain and fall into the river. The river carried him to the Monegros' Desert, where he awoke with a sheep licking his right cheek. He realised that he had lost his mighty sword, without which he couldn't continue his journey across the world. Sir Ababol saw a farmer in a lucence-sown field and decided to ask him for help, only to be pointed in direction of a piece of land full of wild Ababol flowers.

What were these red flowers, and why did they share the same name as our hero? Was it destiny? Since when did the Alcoraz River flow into the Monegros' Desert? Why does St. Marta have a train station but not a tram line? How do I get to Jerusalem? Too many questions gathered in his head, so he wiped them all out with a big sneeze and headed to the land full of Ababol flowers.

From this very moment his fate is in your hands. Guide him across the Monegrian fields helping him collect the strange Ababol flowers and regain his sword so that he may continue his journey to Jerusalem. Amen. Jesus.

Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle

Mya, a witch apprentice and Nanako's younger sister, breaking the palace rules and disobeying her mentor's orders, decided to depart for Heún Tower in order to improve her knowledge of dark magic.

The old tower, surrounded by a magic halo knitted by God only knows who, was populated by a whole army of Karakasas among a multitude of other kinds of Tzukogamis (inanimate objects that become conscious after they are more than 100 years old). Commonly, they are not hostile at all, but the way Mya broke into the tower made them very angry and become really dangerous. Poor Mya hid herself away in a chamber located at the top of the tower, unable to descend the 25 floors and return home, surviving miserably during several weeks.

Nanako, deeply worried about her sister’s disappearance, picked up on Mya's trail and followed her to the Heún Tower. Her mental connection with Mya was strong, and she could tell that her sister was in trouble. Boldy, Nanako entered the tower - she knew that when she found her they would be able to create a connection and be teleported to a safe place. But for now, the main problem was to dodge all those Karakasa between them!

Loading Sir Ababol/Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle

To play the games (downloaded from the links above) you will need either a real C64 (and a method of transferring the files over to it) or an emulator. For emulator users, we recommend VICE, as it works on a variety of systems and is very user friendly. Just download the emulator and drag and drop the .prg files into the open program window (or attach the .crt image from the file menu).

Playing Sir Ababol

Using a joystick plugged into port 2, you must control Sir Ababol as he boldly ventures across the Monegrian fields with the goal of gathering 25 Ababol flowers. To progress in your journey you’ll need to find keys to unlock several doors, allowing you to gain access to different sections. Once you have collected 25 Ababol flowers, your mission will be over.

Avoid touching the marauding monsters and the evil water. You can regain some lost health eating the magical legs of Monegros' fried chicken that are scattered around previously visited screens.

Sir Ababol Controls

Joystick Left/Right - Movement
Joystick Fire – Jump
Q – Quit

Playing Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle

In this game you control Nanako using the joystick plugged into port 2. The game consists on 25 levels, each one representing one of the floors in the tower. In each one, to reach the following level you have to literally build up your path to the top of the screen. This can be achieved via Nanako’s ability to carry boxes (only one at a time) and drop them elsewhere.

In each screen you’ll find a Karakasa. Nanako is able to walk over a still Karakasa, but if it moves Nanako may fall from its head and be ensnared in its vicious claws beneath, losing a valuable life. However, to be able to use a Karakasa as a platform to jump from and reach higher is essential in some of the levels.

Another useful ability Nanako possesses is to release a box during a jump, causing the box to appear where she is and stay floating in the mid-air. It's very important to master the ability of dropping the box at the highest point of a jump, so as to gain fast access to upper levels.

At the beginning of each level a password is given (using the Kun alphabet - see below) which can be used to access previously beaten levels instead of having to start over once and again. Use LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN to write the password and JUMP to validate it.

The 'KUN' Alphabet

Nanako uses an ancient and magical character set known as KUN. An alphabet to help you decipher the text is provided below.

Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle Controls

Joystick Left/Right - Movement
Joystick Fire - Jump
Joystick Down - Pick up box
Joystick Up - Drop box

Suicide: Press R or hold DOWN and FIRE on the joystick (costs one life).

Enter Password: From the title screen, press P or hold RIGHT and press FIRE on the joystick to access the password entry screen.

NTSC Compatibility

Sir Ababol and Nanako In Classic Japanese Monster Castle have both been tested on both PAL and NTSC machines, and they work on the C64, C128 and C64GS (there is no keyboard input required to play). Although the games run on NTSC hardware, they do play fractionally faster. As such, the games are labelled as NTSC compatible, but designed for PAL systems. SID 8580 recommended.

Gameplay Video

Below is a short gameplay video recorded using the VICE emulator showing the menu system and both games being played. The footage was recorded by Stefan Nowak.


The following people made this game possible.

Code, Concept & Design
Algarbi/Woodmaster (Inside)
na_th_an (The Mojon Twins)
anjuel (The Mojon Twins)
Zemman (The Mojon Twins)

Music & Sound Effects
Owen Crowley
Linus (Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated)
Twoflower (Triad)

na_th_an (The Mojon Twins)
Almighty God (Inside)
Anjuel (The Mojon Twins)
Kendrook (The Mojon Twins)

Cartridge Conversion
Dr. Martin Wendt (RGCD/Onslaught)

Project Management, Manual & PAL Testing
James Monkman (RGCD)

Box Artwork
Kendroock (The Mojon Twins)
Pagantipaco (The Mojon Twins)

Box Design
Kenz (Psytronik Software)

NTSC Testing
Raymond Lejuez (C64 World)
David Simmons (Onslaught)

Cartridge Hardware
Tim Harris (Shareware Plus)

The C64 conversion of Nanako was been developed from scratch by Inside, based upon the original design by The Mojon Twins.

Sir Ababol is a Mojon Twins production, Copyright 2010. Published on tape and disk by Psytronik Software, and cartridge by RGCD 2013.

Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle is a Mojon Twins production, Copyright 2007. Published on tape and disk by Psytronik Software, and cartridge by RGCD 2013.

Ordering The Official Cartridge/Disk/Tape

The cartridge version is available to buy from our shop. The game is presented in a transparent purple cartridge shell illuminated by an internal LED, and comes complete with a printed manual, and a vinyl Mojon Twins sticker.

The cartridge version is available in two packaging types, a standard card carton and a more expensive 'deluxe version' that comes in a plastic case (a Universal Game Case with a specially cut foam insert to hold the cartridge as shown below). The standard version is priced at £22, whereas the deluxe version costs £27. Shipping is £4 for UK/Europe and £5 for the rest of the world. A digital version of the game will also be sent out to all customers following receipt of payment.

Please note that Pystronik Software are also selling the game on premium/budget disk and tape for £9.99/£4.99 and £3.99 respectively (plus shipping) via their Binary Zone Retro Store.

The Psytronik version is a compilation of Sir Ababol, Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle and UWOL: Quest for Money. UWOL: Quest for Money is also available separately on cartridge from the RGCD shop.

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