Thursday 20 September 2012

Retro News Update

Ok, so you like indie games, yes? And you don't like spending loads of cash either? Well, in that case you'd be a fool to miss out on the indie game bundles-bonanza that's going on at the moment - with a total of 37(!) games available for less than £15.50 (at the time of writing) across four different packages from Bundle in a Box, Indie Royale, Indie Gala and Humble Bundle.

Now I've got your attention you're probably wondering what each of these are offering, so to save you from jumping from site to site yourself, I'll briefly discuss the highlights of each one below.

Bundle-In-A-Box: Deep Space Bundle (PC)

First up, if like me you are bonkers about robots, spaceships and giant blammo-guns I heartily recommend you check out the Deep Space Bundle from the thematic Bundle in a Box collective, headed by our friend and ex-RGCD writer Gnome. Also, without meaning to sound patriotic, this one has a certain eccentric British quality about it with the games on offer being the critically acclaimed and eye-popping Space Giraffe from Llamasoft, an exclusive copy of Rob 'Oddbob' Fearon's equally mental arena shooter DRM (pictured below), a cute looking Elite-like space-combat simulator called The Wreckless from Duct Tape Games, Psydra Games' popular and quirky space adventure Dark Scavenger, the PC remake of the C64 classic Armalyte courtesy of our partners at Psytronik and the recently added Bagfull of Wrong collection of 10(!) games making up the rest of Rob Fearon's catalogue of releases.

Paying over the $4.63 average also scores you copies of Sol: Exodus, Miner Wars Arena and the ace little shooter RobotRiot from Retromite, as reviewed recently here on this very site.

All payments are split between the developers, charity and the indie dev grant, a system buy which the most voted in-development game will receive a grant from Bundle in a Box to help them complete their project. However, the sales on this particular bundle are a bit on the low side at the moment, so give them a hand and throw some virtual PayPal pounds their way!

Indie Royale: The Back To School Bundle

Nothing is more certain to help the kids knuckle down with their studies than a bundle of new games at a pocket money price, eh? Or perhaps this one is aimed at those work-at-home parents who'll have those extra hours of the day free now the kids are gone? Whatever the reason for this cheekily titled bundle, this time Indie Royale is offering a collection of games from Rockin' Android as the main attraction, with Bunny Must Die! (pictured below) as the exclusive title, in addition to Flying Red Barrel and Qlione.

Also included in the package for your £3.44 are the rampaging Swords and Soldiers from Ronimo Games, the moon hopping simulator Lunar Flight by sh0v0r, Iridium Studios' Sequence and the aptly named Cute Things Dying Violently from ApathyWorks - all of which are 100% educational titles, for sure.

Indie Gala: The Indie Gala 9

Next up is the 9th(!) bundle from Indie Gala - and this one is particularly generous, offering seven PC games (plus two yet to be announced) and two Android titles for $5.87. There's no exclusives here, but it does offer the chance to pick up the Broken Sword trilogy and Team 17's Worms, Worms Blast, Worms Crazy Golf and the excellent Alien Breed 2: Assault - all of which are redeemable on Steam.

The two android games are the modern pirate bashing Battlegroup and Red Wasp Design's acclaimed Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land, but really the main attraction here is the collection of Steam games above, with Alien Breed 2 still being a favourite at RGCD.

Humble Bundle: The Humble Indie Bundle 6

Finally, the last bundle on offer (and undoubtedly the best) comes from the long-standing favourites Humble Bundle. Paying above the average price of $5.78 will bag you a copy of Hitbox Team's hardcore sweep 'em up Dustforce (well worth that price alone), with sci-fi platform action from Recoil Games (Rochard), brick-busting mayhem in the form of Sidhe's Shatter and insanely addictive 2D space rogue chaos from MinMax Games (Space Pirates And Zombies). To top that, the bundle also includes the hugely popular dungeon romp Torchlight, a game that has devoured many hours of my life, as well as the puzzle platforming Vessel from Strange Loop Games.

In all, there are some incredible games here at a insane price. Dig deep and show your support for the indie scene (and chosen charities) while the offers are still online!

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