Thursday 1 September 2011

C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition - Status Update #3

Three new cartridge competition entries and some impressive development updates landed in my inbox this week :)

Competition Entry #15: Yars' Revenge
Developer: TRSI
Status: In progress

Ulrich Schulz (aka Peiselulli of TRSI) has emailed over a near-complete and already excellent port of the Atari 2600 classic Yars' Revenge. Full screen (all borders used) and with it's simple and timeless gameplay perfectly suited to the limitations of the 16KB cartridge format, the competition has moved up a notch with this entry. Good work guys!

Competition Entry #16: Fortress Of Narzod
Developer: TRSI
Status: In progress

One entry isn't enough for TRSI it seems, but I'm not complaining as their excellent Fortress Of Narzod conversion will make a welcome addition to any cartridge collection. It blew people away when it was released at Breakpoint back in 2009, and I'm sure this cart revision will have a similar effect on the competition judges in November. Next level shit!

Competition Entry #17: Panic Analogue
Developer: Goin' Sideways
Status: In progress

Newcomers to the C64 scene, Redcrab and H Macaroni have joined the competition with their unreleased game Panic Analogue. And apart from the title, I know absolutely nothing about this release. Welcome to the battle guys! :)

Competition Entry #06: Spacer-X
Developer: Malcontent
Status: In progress

Since my previous status update, Jeffry Ouellette has produced a work in progress version of his new game, which was originally planned as a bonus round for a bigger release (and nothing to do with his near-finished Dunjon Battler game). The Spacer-X preview is a already starting to look like a solid little entry, and currently plays as a super-fast paced shmup / cave flyer hybrid.

Please note that Jeff is currently on the look out for a pixel artist to replace his placeholder graphics, so if you want to join his team them please get in touch ASAP.

Competition Entry #09: Woolly Jumper
Developer: Richard Bayliss
Status: In progress

Richard's new platformer / shmup is looking really good now, thanks to the addition of Shaun Pearson's impressive graphics and a loading screen by STE'86. Progress is continuing well, with new work in progress shots and videos being posted up on his blog on an almost daily basis.

Competition Entry #01: The Mollusk
Developer: Achim
Status: In progress

Finally, here's another game that I'm really looking forward to. The Mollusk is currently playable in that you can swim about the level and consume the harmless fish, and Achim is currently working on implementing enemies to fight. For a one-man project this one is already looking very impressive, and I've thoroughly enjoyed bobbing around the ocean in the preview I've been sent.

Only three months left to go!


  1. Supergreat line up!
    Mollusk is looking really, really good.

  2. Yar's Revenge? Excellent!

    The Mollusk also looks fantastic, can't wait to give it a go!