Friday 16 September 2011

Edge Grinder / Not Even Human Cartridges Back in Stock!

Just a quick post to announce that Edge Grinder and Not Even Human are both available to buy on cartridge again from our shop. I've got 20 copies of Edge Grinder and 10 of NEH packed and ready to go - but don't panic - if they sell out I'll hopefully have some more ready in a fortnight.

On a related tip, the planned cartridge release of Cosine's Blok Copy has been pushed back a couple of weeks. This is simply because I'm currently looking into new packaging for future cartridges as the ones I use at the moment take over 15 minutes each to make (which is longer than it takes for the cartridges themselves). Also, hardware costs have increased slightly, but the good news is that the new boxes will be cheaper so the sale price will remain the same. I'll post up further details and photos regarding this soon.

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