Sunday 28 July 2013

Elansar Cartridge Available! (Jaguar)

"Welcome to the Island of Elansar. Will you uncover its mysteries?"

After two years in development, Orion's Myst-inspired adventure has migrated from its PC/Mac/Linux and Atari Falcon roots and has finally arrived on the Atari Jaguar in 4MB cartridge format (limited to 75 copies)! Explore the beautifully rendered tropical island, taking in the sights and sounds, solving logic puzzles and making good your eventual escape in this classic-style first-person perspective point-and-click adventure.

Featuring 117 true-colour pictures, PCM sound, four languages (French, English, German and Spanish), over 30 locations, on-cartridge saving and supporting Atari and Amiga mice (via Matthias Domin's adapter) as well as the jagpad, Elansar is a unique Jaguar adventure experience that deserves a place in your collection.

The physical copy costs £45 (plus shipping) and comes on a factory manufactured cartridge, enclosed within a Universal Game Case with a full colour printed inlay and an 8-page paper manual. It requires no additional hardware to run other than the Jaguar console itself. As an added bonus, a vinyl Orion sticker will be included with every order. Buy your copy from our online store while stocks last!

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