Friday 12 July 2013

RGCD Release: Huenison (PC/AmigaOS 4)

Today is a very important day for RGCD. As of 00:00 GMT on the 12th of July, Retream's Huenison is finally available to buy (£2.99, DRM free) for Windows and AmigaOS 4 machines - our debut release in the scary world of PC game publishing. Obviously, to make any impact in the overcrowded indie market it would have to be something really special. Luckily, here at RGCD we've been critically reviewing games on many platforms now for almost a decade - and we think we know a good bet when it comes to a game's potential success.

Huenison has that potential. It's a perfectly crafted combination of a whole plethora of our favourite game elements. Blammo guns and power-ups? Check. Frantic arcade action? Check. Kick-ass chip music, neo-retro visuals, unique genre-mashing game design? Triple check. I mean, come on, how could we not love a game that heavily features samples taken from a 1982 Commodore 64?

We previewed an early version of the game back in March, and fell in love with the concept; here at RGCD we embrace new ideas, and turbo-puzzle-shmups aren't exactly a saturated genre. The listed influences (Arkanoid, Decathlon, Dyna Blaster, Impossible Mission, Oil's Well, Pac-Man, Pang, Qix, Slam Tilt, Space Invaders, Tetris and Vital Light) include some of our favourite games from the past, yet the end result is a shape-shifting hybrid game that feels like it has dropped through a portal from the future. Don't take our word for it though - check out the 5-level demo.

But enough of the hype, what exactly do you get in return for £2.99 of your Earth coinage? To keep things simple, there are two versions of the game available from our store; an executable installer for the PC, and a ZIP archive for AmigaOS 4. Huenison is DRM free and has very basic minimum system requirements (500 MHz, 32 bit CPU, 32 bit graphics card, 16 bit sound card, 12MB RAM, 32MB disk space). Not only that, but our intention is to eventually sell a limited physical boxed CD release of the game - and everyone who buys a copy of the download will receive a £2.99 discount code for the collector's edition when it is released.

So, grab your gamepad, crank up the volume and dive into the chaotic mind-control wells of Huenison...


  1. pretty cool, i hope it will be successful, but for the future sequel- why not make it in 2.5d like on the picture above- it might as well be awesome and innovative!

  2. Seeing the low requirements, I decided to try it in Wine on my Linux laptop, and the demo seems to work flawlessly. Lots of fun and great music, I'll be purchasing a copy ASAP!


    1. Yes, it has been confirmed working through WINE on Mac and Linux. Thanks for the support Eino!