Friday 13 May 2011

Not Even Human - Inhumane Edition Cartridge Coming Soon? (C64)

Originally due for release back in March 2009, the promised and long-awaited cartridge release of Not Even Human could finally be hitting this site for pre-orders in the next few weeks.

Although the cartridge was ready two years ago, the hold-up has been in getting artwork for the packaging ready.  RGCD collaborator (and NEH artist) ptoing requested to design a box for the game to match his sublime futuristic graphics, but unfortunately due to his backlog of freelance work it has remained a low-priority project.  Although he isn't happy to see the work outsourced, ptoing contacted me last month to advise that he won't have time to complete the artwork for the foreseeable future and suggested that I might have to make other arrangements.

The good news is that our mutual friend and widely respected artist iLkke has since stepped forward to finish off the design, so hopefully Not Even Human will be ready for release by the end of the month – maybe even at the same time as our Edge Grinder project!

For more information on our C64 cartridge releases, check out the ‘other projects’ tab on the navbar above (or simply click here).

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