Monday 16 May 2011

Website Status

I haven't given an update of what's been happening behind the scenes here at RGCD for a while, so I thought I'd make a quick post to keep you informed.

First of all, the website data migration is now complete - we are just waiting for the old domain to be remapped here and then the site address will be again. So far (ignoring the Blogger service failure last week) we're all quite happy with the way that the site has turned out, but if you have any suggestions on how to improve things to make it easier to use then please let us know.

Progress on r0x zer0 continues (but I'm not allowed to talk about that) and Edge Grinder gets closer to completion every day; Smila is like a machine when it comes to churning out quality graphics for the C64 - in fact T.M.R is struggling to keep up with him. There are just a few more sprites, some tweaks to the code and map design left to do.

The Not Even Human cartidge is still just waiting for artwork, but that can't actually start until we decide upon the packaging size. I've been mailed a sample of a potential new box to see how it compares to the old chunky ones we were using in the past, so when it arrives I can forward the final dimensions on to our artist.

Whilst on the subject, there will hopefully be some more cartridge related news announced soon... ;)

Anyway, there is still plenty of work to do (the Dreamcast stuff needs uploading and there are still some unreleased CD32 compilations sat on my old hard disk at a friend's house), but I'm quite proud of the fact we've managed to post 18 new reviews (albeit short ones) in the past couple of weeks. To date it's been only myself and Ruari posting, but I know that some of the other guys are working on stuff as I type.

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