Tuesday 3 May 2011

RGCD Website Status

Over the weekend I've succeeded in removing most of the evidence that this is a Blogger-built site (apart from the address, of course) and I've even managed to add a few new pages of content.  It isn't perfect, but after a lot of messing around it appears that Blogger is actually capable of building basic websites much faster than I can using html - and to be honest I'm quite happy with the results so far.

I've also been mailing some of the old RGCD crew to see if any of them are available to join the blog as authors - although I expect a lot of them will no longer have time due to real-life commitments (after all, that was what stopped me from editing the RGCD magazine).

The next logical step is to transfer what old RGCD data I can fit within Blogger's limitations and then link the rgcd.co.uk domain here instead (while Elliot works on building a new site in the background).  We had a good chat this evening and agreed to use this blog system as a design tool for him to work from, so there are likely to be a great deal of changes here over the next few weeks/months while work progresses.

Regular visitors to the blog (are there any?) will notice that the tabs across the top of the page have changed; there are now pages here for both r0x and Robotz DX under the 'Games' section.  For now the text is just a direct copy from the original site - I'll work on updating them properly as soon as my desktop PC is up and running again.
In the meantime, if you are enjoying the new reincarnation of RGCD please take the time to comment, or at least add your email to the subscribe list (so you receive updates by email when they are published).  It's pretty lonely here at the moment... ;)


  1. Yes, yes, yes!! Welcome back, guys! Hope a new RGCD is coming soon!

  2. Probably won't be a magazine for a while Sardaukar, but at least this blog functions as a output for RGCD related news and homebrew/indie recommendations... ;)