Thursday 28 April 2011

Hard disk crash & PSU problems...

The past couple of weeks have been pretty bad for me here at RGCD HQ.  Not including my wife's laptop or my collection of 8/16bit machines, I have three PC's at my disposal; my main desktop PC (an old Athlon 64 running at about 2.0 ghz with 2GB RAM), a even older small Shuttle XPC that I use as a media box in the lounge, and a brand new eeepc 1008HA netbook.
Unfortunately, my main PC has lost a 1TB hard disk (containing my data and main utils/games partitions), rendering it currently useless.  The data has all been saved, but until I can install a replacement drive I basically don't have access to any of my software.  Installing my OS, programs and data on separate partitions is an old habit from my Amiga days, so basically I only have access to the Windows folder; for now the machine is practically useless.
Meanwhile (within the same week) the Shuttle XPC decided to start playing up too - after a few hours of use (for example, watching iPlayer or 4OD) it just turns itself off.  I assume it's a PSU fault, but when Elliot came over and completely stripped the machine down we couldn't find anything wrong.  So the next step for that one is to try plugging in a new PSU and see if it still dies at random intervals.
So, my little eeepc is currently my main machine - and to be honest, it's not a bad bit of kit.  The keyboard input isn't great (it can't cope with three or more key presses at once, meaning that it isn't great for gaming), but aside from that it's solid - and at under £300 it was a bargain.  I just hope that I don't manage to kill it before my other machines are back up and running!

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