Tuesday 26 April 2011

RGCD Arcade (Volume One) (Amiga CD32) [Keyboard Required]

Copyright TNGA, 1993 (TNGA)
Copyright David Papworth, 1993 (D. Papworth)
Copyright Jumping Jack Flash, 1992 (Amiga Games / Computec Verlag)
Copyright Fist! Unlimited, 1994 (Fist! Unlimited)
Unofficial Amiga CD32 Compilation By Heavy Stylus
WHDLoad Patches By Codetapper/Action (Super Obliteration) & Harry (Transplant)

In an attempt to reduce the number of CD images for download on this page (without reducing the number of games) I've decided to create a few multi-game collections compiling personal favourites by several different developers within a genre, with this first release being suitably entitled 'Arcade (Volume One)'.

Included on the disc are Spatial Hyperdrive (a high-speed one or two-player cave flier), Super Obliteration (A superb Pang clone), Transplant (possibly the best two-player shoot 'em up released for the Amiga) and Wipe Out (no, not the PSX classic).

The highlight of the compilation is undoubtedly Transplant (which we had hosted here previously on a disc of it's own). It may require a keyboard to play properly (you won't be able to upgrade your ship in the shop without it), but this is one of the few games that will make the purchase of one worthwhile; although the OCS graphics have aged poorly, the gameplay hasn't lost any of it's addictiveness over the years. I cannot recommend Transplant highly enough, and by reading through the reviews and scores at lemonamiga.com its clear that I'm not the only one who loves the game.

Also noteworthy, alongside the highly acclaimed Super Obliteration, is Wipe Out, a simple yet stylish overhead shooter with gorgeous graphics that scored an impressive 4/5 in the hard-to-please Amiga Power PD Review section (Issue 58).

(Note: Keyboard is required to play Transplant (to access options and buy power-ups in the shop) and to enter a highscore in Wipe Out. Super Obliteration works fine on a standard CD32, and although a keyboard is also needed to enter a highscore name in Spatial Hyperdrive, thankfully this can be skipped by pressing fire on the joypad).

RGCD Arcade (Volume One) Front CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume One) CD32 Back CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume One) (Full Game .iso)

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