Thursday 28 April 2011


As you may well have guessed by the inactive status of, the diskmag that I used to edit and write for is still in hibernation; I just don't have the time at the moment to organise and produce such a large volume of writing these days.  Blame my kids, my job and college work for that.
My long term goal is to relaunch the site as a more blog-central hub for RGCD's (many) projects and output, and then compile quarterly/biannual issues of the mag in the old CD format for download (although I've even debated the possibility of creating a proper diskmag interface).  When will this happen?  I have no idea; it ultimately depends on when Elliot (the RGCD IT guru) has time to completely redesign the site using Wordpress (or a similar system).
However, RGCD has been far from inactive over the past couple of years - we released r0x back in 2009 for the Atari STE, then Robotz DX in 2010, and as well as other smaller side projects (such as Dreamcast Neo4All single-game discs and Amiga CD32 compilations/game fixes) we are still working on a prequel to r0x (about 70-80% complete), a follow-up to Robotz DX (still in the design stage) and even toying with the idea of putting out some new C64 cartridge games.
Over the next few days (or weeks!) whilst my other PC's are repaired, I'll try and post dev-logs of the more interesting projects, as well as giving a little more information about our other undocumented releases.  But for now, here's a few pictures to whet your appetite! ;)

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