Tuesday 26 April 2011

X-Out / Z-Out CD32 (Amiga CD32) [Keyboard Required]

Copyright Rainbow Arts, 1990 (Rainbow Arts)
Copyright Advantec, 1991 (Rainbow Arts)
Unofficial Amiga CD32 Compilation By Heavy Stylus
WHDLoad Patches By Jean-Francois Fabre (X-Out) & JOTD & Harry (Z-Out)

X-Out ('Crossout') and it's sequel are both seriously hardcore arcade shooters in the same style as R-Type, complete with the charge/beam shots and satellite drones that we are all familiar with. The first game is particularly noteworthy for it's use of points as money in the in-game shop, where you can choose to purchase and upgrade a series of different craft (as extra lives) or spend it all on one super-powered ship instead. The sequel, Z-Out, is more in the vein of a standard shoot 'em up, albeit one with superb visuals and the added bonus of a simultaneous two-player mode.

A keyboard isn't absolutely necessary to play these two, but recommended so that you can change the speed of your craft in X-Out via the F1-F5 keys (and of course to activate the trainers so you can see past the first few levels of each title). Controls for both games are listed on the CD insert provided.

(Note: When X-Out has finished loading you'll need to press the Red button on controller two to start the game - this is due to the it initially being mouse controlled, although in-game it recognises the joypad as well. After playing the game once the Red button on controller one will work as a start command as well).

This compilation would have been impossible without the hard work of Wepl (for WHDLoadCD32) and Jean-Francois Fabre, JOTD and Harry (for the game patches used).

X-Out / Z-Out CD32 Front CD Insert
X-Out / Z-Out CD32 Back CD Insert
X-Out / Z-Out CD32 (Full Game .iso)

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  1. I x-out played for 10 years anymore, it still rocks.
    Thank you for that.