Tuesday 26 April 2011

Virocop CD32 (Amiga CD32) [Keyboard Required]

Copyright Graftgold, 1995 (Renegade)
Unofficial Amiga CD32 Conversion By Woody.Cool

Another game that should have made it to the CD32, Virocop is an isometric run 'n' gun game that's generally considered to be the third in the Quazatron series (after the 8-Bit classics Quazatron and Magnetron). This conversion was provided by Woody.Cool, and was made by using the official hard-disk install and creating a CD32 .iso using the set directory structure and appropriate assigns.

Probably one of the last really-good games commercially released, Virocop is a superb title from Graftgold that achieved high review scores back in the day. Although fully playable without a keyboard, you'll be unable to access the game options screen without one, and therefore will not be able to enter a level password to continue a previous game.

On a related note, the passord system is personalised and linked to the name you enter when registering the game at boot-up, but due to the read-only nature of CD media there is no was of saving these details to disc. Therefore if you wish to continue a previous game you should ensure that you enter the same name every time you play.

This recently revised .iso (version 1.01) includes an improved boot sequence and full instructions on disc in the 'Docs' folder.

Virocop CD32 Front CD Insert
Virocop CD32 Back CD Insert
Virocop CD32 (Full Game .iso)

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