Tuesday 26 April 2011

R-Types CD32 (Amiga CD32)

Copyright Factor 5, 1989 (Electric Dreams)
Copyright Arc Developments, 1991 (Activision)
Unofficial Amiga CD32 Compilation By Heavy Stylus
WHDLoad Patches By Dark Angel of Gore Design (R-Type) & Mr Larmer (R-Type 2)

My first attempt at a multi-game compilation, R-Types CD32 is a homage to the original R-Type compilation released for the Playstation back in 1999. This CD32 port consists of both Factor 5's Amiga conversion of R-Type and Arc Developments' R-Type 2, with each game selectable via holding down either the red or blue controller buttons during boot-up (otherwise a simple menu screen is displayed with loading instructions).

When you consider the amount of shovelware released on the CD32, it seems odd that no-one considered officially porting across these two classic Amiga games back in the mid-nineties; it would have been amazing to see an enhanced version with 256 colour AGA graphics on the console (especially R-Type, which currently uses the Atari ST 16-color graphics and sprites despite the use of superior grpahics hardware). However, lack of improvements aside, these two timeless shooters still play as well today as they ever did.

(Note: A keyboard is required if you wish to play R-Type 2 in two-player hot-seat mode, but otherwise both games work perfectly on a standard CD32. As the two-player mode basically involves 'taking turns' at playing the game (unlike the excellent arcade sequel R-Type Leo), I've decided against adding 'Keyboard Required' to the subtitle here).

R-Types CD32 Front CD Insert
R-Types CD32 Back CD Insert
R-Types CD32 (Full Game .iso)

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  1. I'm sad :-( I tryed some of your compilations and most of them doesn't work :-(

  2. The Amiga graphics for R-Type 1 are not the same as the Atari ST Graphics.True they are also only 16 colors.But that was max. what could be done on the humble A1000.The Atari ST GFX were actually provided for the Amiga development but because they weren't close enough to the original they were completly redone.Of course an AGA version would have made a perfect port.