Tuesday 26 April 2011

RGCD Arcade (Volume Two) (Amiga CD32)

Copyright Active, 1995 (Computec Verlag)
Copyright D-Lite, 1990 (Amiga Fun)
Copyright The Farm, 1996 (The Farm)
Copyright Living and Electronic Dreams, 1997 (LED)
Unofficial Amiga CD32 Compilation By Heavy Stylus
WHDLoad Patches By Bored Seal (Extrial) & Codetapper/Action (Jump 'n Roll)
Another fistful of single-game CDs squeezed into a compilation, RGCD proudly present RGCD Arcade (Volume Two)!

Included on the disc are Extrial (an incredibly punishing yet visually-pleasing platform/shooter hybrid), Jump 'n Roll (an Amiga remake of the C64 classic Trailblazer), Roketz AGA 1.39 (One of the best two-player combat games available) and WormOut 2097 (no, not the PSX classic... Oh hang on a minute...).

The standout game here is the now-publicly released full version of The Farm's suberb Thrust racer/shooter 'Roketz' - a game that The One adored and even stated in their review (issue 78, page 45) that an official CD32 version was possible, depending on sales. Sadly (AFAIK) the CD32 release never came to be, so I decided to include it here (taken directly from the Aminet archive). Note that although the game is fully playable, due to the read-only nature of the CD, you can only play as anonymous players and hence stats are not saved against your profile.

Other noteworthy games included here are Jump 'n Roll (Stingray did kindly supply me with a de-compacted filed version, but due to technical difficulties I decided to use Codetapper/Action's WHDLoad slave instead), and WormOut 2097; a 2D snake game created in the style of WipeOut 2097. Yes, it's as odd as it sounds, but it does feature some lush graphics and an impressive D&B soundtrack...

Finally, the last bit of good news is that all of the games featured on this compilation work perfectly on a standard CD32 console - there's no keyboard input required.

RGCD Arcade (Volume Two) Front CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume Two) CD32 Back CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume Two) (Full Game .iso)

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