Saturday 23 April 2011

Unofficial Neo4All Single-Game Discs

Chui's wide range of emulators have had a huge impact on the Dreamcast homebrew scene, with Neo4All probably being the most popular. With many classic NeoGeo games running under emulation at full speed on Sega's final console, one of Neo4All's most impressive features is the fact that it is possible (with additional software) to create self-booting single-game discs.
There are loads of these discs distributed across various sites on the internet (especially at the excellent resource site DCISOZone), but many of these are non-working, have the CD audio tracks configured incorrectly (or in some cases missing altogether) and of course the majority lack CD or DVD cover art.
Similar in nature to our CD32 project, RGCD's aim is to go through the NeoGeo catalogue, disc by disc, and where possible create high quality, fully working and self-booting Neo4All single-game discs (in Nero's popular .nrg format), complete with custom loading screens (with the emulator automatically hidden and running in the background) and 300 DPI PAL style CD jewel-case inserts. Starting out with a just a handful of releases, we are in the process of converting and testing many others, all of which will eventually be listed on this page.

Legal Note
Although the majority of games featured on our discs are widely available over the net via emulation sites, to keep things above board we ask that you do not download any previously commercial games unless you already possess the NeoGeo original. This might sound a bit extreme, especially when you consider that the original copyright holder may no longer exist as an active company/publisher, but nonetheless, if you do not already own a disk copy of the commercial games listed here then downloading them is against the law.
If this honesty-policy is abused then we'll have to enforce a download request system. This will mean that if you want a copy of one of the discs you'll have to send us an email via the contact page confirming that you already own a physical copy of the game(s) featured. This isn't a particularly nice way of doing things, so please be responsible with your downloads.
As a final note, if you are an IP holder and would like your game removed from this site please let us know and we'll comply immediately.

The Discs
The Neo4All single-game discs released so far by RGCD are listed below. Follow the links for full release information, screenshots, jewel-case inserts and downloads.
Alpha Mission 2 DC (NeoGeo CD) [Download coming soon]
Andro Dunos DC (AES Version) [Download coming soon]
Ghost Pilots DC (NeoGeo CD) [Download coming soon]
Last Resort DC (NeoGeo CD) [Download coming soon]
Puzzle Bobble (NeoGeo CD) [Currently being rebuilt]
Viewpoint DC (NeoGeo CD) [Download coming soon]

These Neo4All single-game discs would not have been possible without Chui's excellent Neo4All emulator. If you download and enjoy the games featured here, please consider contacting him via his website or blog and thanking him for his contribution to the Dreamcast scene.
Thanks also goes out to fackue for his BootDreams utility.

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  1. When are these going to be available? Its been a year and a half since this was posted!