Tuesday 26 April 2011

RGCD Arcade (Volume Three) (Amiga CD32) [Keyboard Required]

Copyright Century Interactive, 1993 (Boeder Software)
Copyright Graftgold, 1990 (Hewson)
Copyright Virtual Dreams, 1994 (Fields Of Vision)
Copyright Millenium, 1994 (Paragon Publishing)
Unofficial Amiga CD32 Compilation By Heavy Stylus
WHDLoad Patches By Bored Seal (Cyberzerk) & John Girvin (Paradroid 90)
Released just in time for the May Bank Holiday, here's RGCD Arcade (Volume Three)!

Included on the disc are Cyberzerk (a one or two-player update of Berzerk), Paradroid 90 (the Amiga classic by Andrew Braybrook), T-Racer (a stylish horizontal shooter) and Vital Light CD32 (innovative arcade puzzler originally released with CD32 Gamer magazine).

Although there's nothing really new here for CD32 owners (Cyberzerk and T-Racer were formerly featured here as single-disc games), Paradroid 90 is worth a mention if only for the fact that it's one of the Amiga classics that is fully playable on a stock CD32 (thanks to John Girvin's WHDLoad patch). In addition to this, Millennium's AGA enhanced version of Vital Light CD32 is included on disc (another CD32 release in my collection that lacked CD audio and was looking to share it's lonely disc space).

Cyberzerk is an unashamedly retro flip-screen exploratory overhead shooter that owes a lot to Alien Breed and the coin-up classic Berzerk for inspiration. Your goal is simple; kill all the robots/aliens on every screen of the spacecraft complex and return to your ship within a tight time limit (before the level explodes). Fly to the next level in a neat little bonus game, then rinse and repeat. It's quite basic, but I actually prefer the arcade nature of this little game over the initially slow pace of Alien Breed and the unnecessarily difficult Alien Breed II. As long as you don't expect a huge amount of depth, Cyberzerk is an underrated game that's a lot of fun to play.

T-Racer (the full version of which is featured here) was one of the first ports I created for the CD32. After being initially attracted by its Project-X style visuals, I soon discovered that other conversions of this game available on the net all had one thing in common - they were missing the second disk! After finding the missing data, slightly tweaking the startup-sequence and rigorously testing, I can confirm that this version of T-Racer is now fully working. The game itself is a solid little shooter with some stunning parallax scrolling and decent non-AGA enhanced effects. Unfortunately the level design is a little monotonous, but it's worth persevering through the levels to play the fantastic 3D tunnel bonus game.

Note that both Cyberzerk and T-Racer both require a keyboard attached to your CD32 to play. Keyboard controls are printed on the CD inlay, and full instructions for Paradroid 90 are included on disc in the 'Docs' folder.

RGCD Arcade (Volume Three) Front CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume Three) CD32 Back CD Insert
RGCD Arcade (Volume Three) (Full Game .iso)

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